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Love Or Hate - Hard Compilation (2023) Mp3

25-06-2023, 18:24 | Раздел: Музыка / Рок | Просмотров: 169

"Love Or Hate - Hard Compilation" - Этот сборник представляет собой коллекцию самых лучших и знаковых композиций в жанре хард-рок. В него вошли как классические хиты, так и современные композиции, которые отражают всю мощь, энергию и эмоциональность этого жанра. Каждая песня наполнена гитарными рифами, мощными ударными партиями и глубокими вокальными партиями. Этот сборник станет настоящим подарком для всех любителей тяжелой музыки и позволит им погрузиться в атмосферу хард-рока на долгие часы.

Исполнитель: Various Artist
Название: Love Or Hate - Hard Compilation
Страна: EU
Лейбл: Rebel
Жанр музыки: Hard Rock, Hardcore, Metal, Rock
Дата релиза: 2023
Количество композиций: 180
Формат | Качество: MP3 | 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 07:53:19
Размер: 1,1 GB (+3%)

001. See It Through - Make Hardcore Fun Again
002. Current - Continued Rantings
003. Ken Gellardt - Manhunt
004. Eternal Struggle - Pride Kills
005. Guerre - Wounded Species
006. Dirt Merchant - No Future
007. World Of Joy - Counterfeit Order
008. Bayway - What Goes Around
009. Tides Denied - A Thousand Places
010. Defy - Be Gone!
011. Lionheart - New Money
012. Ready For Death - Worldwide Blackout
013. Robledo - Dreams Decieve
014. Boca De Lobo - Feras Cabeludas
015. Civil Conflict - Endless Void
016. Violin - Last Breath
017. Dazzle - Grief End Heaven
018. Better Than A Thousand - Twelve
019. Shut Eye - Sorry
020. Danger Zone - The Dreaming Goes On
021. Ego Trip - Societys Eyes
022. Two Piece - Violent Assault
023. Darknet - Glass Skin
024. True Grit - Stranger
025. Axecatcher - Hive
026. Man Dead Set - Make A Change
027. Groundwork - A Prayer For The Dead
028. Haymaker - White Claw
029. God Complex - Gathering Dark
030. Markor - They Afraid
031. The World - For Some Of Us
032. Predation - Jam The Blade
033. Highway Sentinels - All Comes Trashing Down
034. Horripilation - False Flag
035. Fixation - The Art Of Playing Dead
036. Prevention - What Must Be Done
037. Shelter - We Are The Chosen
038. Time X Heist - You're Wrong
039. Famous Last Words - The Negative
040. Highway Sniper - Cycles Of Pain
041. Blood Shot Down - The Shot
042. Wise - Absolution
043. Karloff - Nihilistik Reaction
044. Tourist - Sundowning
045. Scary Hours - Tiny Tragedies
046. The Plot In You - Paradigm
047. Mobkid - Love Or Hate
048. Sunburster - Dry Rot
049. Burial Dance - In Frame
050. 25 Ta Life - Strength Through Unity
051. Wrestlemaniacs - Meat Sauce King
052. Sore Throat - Stand & Fight
053. Pale Ache - Disappear
054. Conservative Military Image - Barbwire Boots
055. Shockpoint - Shockpoint
056. Bodybag - Not On Your Level
057. Envy - Zanshin
058. Battering Ram - Pieces
059. Furthest From The Light - Inhumation
060. These Streets - Take The Risk
061. Confused - Grains
062. Rig Time! - Unloved
063. Kongstyle - Hour Of Need
064. Free 4 All - Release
065. Presion - Alternativas
066. Prejudize - Inner Hatred
067. Pink Pout - Turn A Blind Eye
068. One Step Back - One Step Back
069. Hueso - Descenso
070. Never Back Down - Waves
071. Invisible War - World On Fire
072. Hunted Like Thieves - On Repeat
073. Unwanted Noise - Nothing Left
074. Noogy - Back At It Again
075. Vacants - Burdens
076. Carried Weight - No Life
077. Nevena - Writer's Block
078. Iron Deficiency - Final Words
079. Thoughtcrimes - Soapbox Sermon
080. Misery Whip - Over Achiever
081. Knife Hands - Curtain Call
082. Hostages - Wrath
083. Swarm - Lembah
084. Choke Out - Mechanized Order
085. Septik - Marked For Death
086. Exist To Infect - Broken
087. Nocom Hardcore - Quem Sou?
088. Salt Money - Shared Anxieties
089. Filth Is Eternal - Wigsplitter
090. Loose Ends - Remain
091. Divebomb - Peacemaker
092. Game - The Caricaturist
093. Lasso - Pausa Do Resto
094. Fox Lake - No Remorse
095. Schwach - Abstand
096. Jezter - Laugh It Off
097. Islander - It's Not Easy Being Human
098. Who Decides - Hearing This
099. Koma - Insolent Crucifixion
100. Svartepeeng - Siste Time
101. Exterminating Angel - Chasm Wrath
102. Anal Hard - Inadaptado
103. Indrid Cold - Eternal Return
104. Imploders - Shoot To Kill
105. Sharptooth - I Didn't Ask To Be Here
106. Silence Equals Death - Ghost
107. Atom Tan - Panhandle
108. Natural Born Machine - Reborn
109. Strong Boys - Pink Death
110. Lowest Life - All Hail The Ozarks
111. Tharsis They - Hour Lines
112. Blood Noize - Mutilated Phallus
113. Frontsector - How Much Time
114. Hiatus - Don't Think With Your Dick
115. Liferide - No Escape
116. Raccoon City - Menhir
117. Flatline - Trapped In Hell
118. Fatal Wound - Skinned For Sport
119. Social Experiment - Take A Look Around
120. Rob Moratti - You Keep Me Waiting
121. Prison Suicide - Been Sick
122. Gathering Of Kings - The Prophecy
123. He Is Legend - Lifeless Lemonade
124. Versus - Walking The Deadline
125. Grand Collapse - Pouring Scorn
126. It'salie - Heartbreaker
127. Landfall - Shadows Of Love
128. Putrid Scum - Miscarry
129. Last - Guilt
130. Intercore - Stars Are Mine
131. Madhouse - Kiss And Tell
132. Native - Dog's Game
133. Cohezion - Diztorted Vision
134. Mugged Off - Streetbeer
135. Only Attitude Counts - Make Things Work
136. Massa Nera - A Faint Goodbye
137. Planet On A Chain - Delusion
138. Doomsday - Mask Of Sanity
139. Demonstration Of Power - Power
140. Dog Years - Menacer
141. Cujo - Dreams
142. Cosmic Joke - Leave It Alone
143. Brave New World - Dark Room
144. Cutting Ties - Raining Blood
145. Additional Time - Times Of Turmoil
146. Lethal Minds - Cultus
147. Anxious Arms - Fall From Grace
148. Decomp - Install
149. Lavish Glass - No Cause No Cure
150. The Devil Wears Prada - Hallucinate
151. Detriment - Stagnation
152. Arame - Sticking Money In The Ass
153. No Divinity - Splinter
154. Rejection Pact - Grave Gold
155. Overexposure - The Venomous Kind
156. Xcelerate - Bustin' Out
157. Disperser - Epitaph
158. Jaw Crack - The Tide
159. Smash N' Grab - Dead To Rights
160. Anti - Ophelia
161. Spitboy - All Grown Up
162. Maniacal Device - Viking Blood
163. Life Cycles - Blistered Earth
164. Examine - Blood Follows Blood
165. Redemptus - How Much Pain Can Fit
166. Hearts & Hand Grenades - Scream It Out
167. Barbarian - Extinction Earth
168. The Wind In The Trees - Sowing The Seeds Of War
169. Vega - Glow
170. Liferaft - Headfirst
171. Second Life - First Strike
172. Roselyn - Strings
173. Hesitate - The Dirt Mall Stomp
174. Quarantine - Tired Of You
175. Crashed Out - The Chancer
176. Extreme Noise Terror - Use Your Mind
177. Tuning - Nowhere To Turn
178. Fists Of Time - In Your Face
179. Satelles - Our Father, Premonition
180. Gatherers - Honey On The Marrow

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